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God named Everything

Updated: May 30

If we examine Surah 2 verse 31, we see that “He taught Adam all the names.”


The truth in the above words is simple and uncomplicated, but its implications are vast indeed.

The above words tell us that God gave everything its name, long before we seemingly gave various things their names. It is God who called the tree a tree, and the sea, and so on.


The verse above speaks about "all the names". This means that everything in the universe, including our own names, have been named by God before we were even created.


This truth has a lot of implications, especially in connection with the fact that the Quran has all the details of the religion (6:114) and that nothing has been left out of the book (6:38).


Some Muslims have the habit of asking questions such as: "How do we know when the month of Ramadan is? If the Quran contains all the details, then where do we know from the Quran when the month of Ramadan comes?"


Some others would ask: "God commanded us to observe Hajj but does not tell us how we are to know when Hajj does start."


The Quran is not a calendar that flips its own pages until the month of fasting, or until the month for Hajj arrive, at which point an alarm sounds to alert us!


It is here where verse 2:31 is of significance.

It is God who called the month of fasting as Ramadan, and this knowledge is available to all people so that when the month of Ramadan comes, we know when to fast.


Equally, it is God who gave the month for Hajj, Dhu Al-Hijjah (that of the Hajj) its name, so that when it comes around, we would know that Hajj has started,


Please verify everything you have read with the Quran itself.


Peace and Respect!

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