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Music and Singing in the Quran

Updated: May 30

Some Muslims think that in Islam music and singing are completely forbidden or only some musical instruments are allowed.


The Quran does not clearly forbid music or singing. Many sounds of nature can be considered music, e.g. the sound of waves on the shore or birds chirping. The human voice box is simply another musical instrument of nature.


The Quran itself is written in a rhythmic/melodic style, and when it challenges others to bring a chapter like it [e.g. 10:38], this shows that it at least allows imitation of this style to take place.


It should be noted however that singing and music should conform to the guiding principles in The Quran regarding communications, e.g. does not promote bad deeds, should be truthful. See the following surahs and verses for reference: 3:104, 14:24-26, 25:72, 33:70, 49:11, etc.


According to The Quran, it is also important not to forbid things unless specifically forbidden by God:

Surah 7 Verse 32 Say: “Who has forbidden the nice things that God has brought forth for His servants and the good provisions?” Say: “They are meant for those who believe during this worldly life, and they will be exclusive for them on the Day of Resurrection.” It is such that We explain the revelations for those who know.


You shall not invent lies about God by attributing lies with your tongues, saying: "This is lawful and that is forbidden." Those who invent lies about God will not succeed. [16:116]

Please verify everything you read with the Quran.


Peace and Respect!



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