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Reasons Why Muslims Shouldn't Differentiate Between God's Messengers

As Muslims, it is essential to reflect on the teachings of the Quran and understand why making distinctions between God's messengers can be detrimental. Here are five compelling reasons why Muslims should avoid such distinctions:

"Say, 'We have believed in Allah and in what was revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Descendants, and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims [submitting] to Him." (Quran, 2:136)

"And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it. So judge between them by what Allah has revealed and do not follow their inclinations away from what has come to you of the truth." (Quran, 5:48)

"People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about Allah except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of Allah and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in Allah and His messengers. And do not say 'Three'; desist - it is better for you. Indeed, Allah is but one God." (Quran, 4:171)

"O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives." (Quran, 4:135)

"And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger, [saying], 'Worship Allah and avoid Taghut.' And among them were those whom Allah guided, and among them were those upon whom error was [deservedly] decreed." (Quran, 16:36)

Through these verses from the Quran, we can grasp the significance of unity in belief and respect for all messengers of God. Let's strive to follow the Quranic teachings and avoid creating divisions based on the messengers' differences.

We hope these insights remind us of the importance of unity and respect in Islam, guiding us towards a path of understanding and tolerance.


The website has seen a significant increase in engagement with articles discussing Quranic teachings and unity among Muslims, indicating a growing interest in understanding the core values of Islam.

Remember, our faith is a journey of continuous learning and reflection. Let's uphold the unity among God's messengers as taught in the Quran.

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