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Response to Dr Yasir Qadhi's YouTube Video - Hadith Rejector's

Updated: May 30

I seek refuge from Satan the rejected.

In the name of GOD, most gracious, most merciful.

Salaam all,

After stumbling across and watching Dr Yasir Qadhi’s YouTube video, I thought it was important to humbly respond as the Quran tells us to correct inaccuracies when it comes to Islam.

The link to the video is here:

There are quite a few points which Dr Yasir Qadhi makes are factually incorrect. It is very important to clear the inaccuracies before I continue.

Before I move onto the inaccuracies, he repeatedly says we will not mention any names as its not correct to talk about someone else by name and refers to a person called Dr X.

He then goes on in his speech naming people who are dead by name, who had opposing views to him. Unfortunately, those people are not alive to defend their view or opinions. It seems an en easy 'get out' clause for Dr Qadhi to mention others who are not there to defend themselves. The two people who he mentioned by name in the video were Ghulam Pervaiz and Rashid Khalifa.


Moving onto the factual inaccuracies:

1- Dr Qadhi says the people who claim to be '19ers' and follow Dr Rashid Khalifa call themselves Quranists, this is false, they do not claim to call themselves Quranists, they actually call themselves Submitters.

2- Dr Qadhi also said in the video Dr Rashid Khalifah proclaimed himself to be a prophet, he never claimed to be a prophet, he claimed to be a messenger of the covenant.

3- Dr Qadhi also said in the video that Rashid Khalifa denied the ‘sunnah’, Rashid Khalifa did not deny the sunnah. As God system has always been the same, its Gods sunna (system) which Rashid Khalifa clarified from the Quran.

4- Dr Qadhi mentioned the mosque in Tuscon, saying they do not pray 5 times a day. They do actually pray 5 times a day,

5- He also said, they do not read Fatiha, they actually do read the Fatiha in their salat.


You can clarify these factual inaccuracies by going to the submitter’s websites here:


Dr Yasir Qadhi also claimed that the mathematical miracle of the Quran - Code 19 has been debunked, many sources have tried to debunk the code-19, however, this is not categorically confirmed.


Now moving onto the sunnah which he mentioned in the video

The word 'Sunna' which is used in the Quran, means the way of doing things, a system or methodology.

Millions of Muslims today have been brought up to believe that all Muslims should follow the Quran and the Sunna of the prophet Muhammad, this view is taken by Dr Qadhi.

However, the Quran confirms that the only Sunna is the Sunna of God. Nowhere in the Quran is there any mention of a Sunna for Muhammad as Dr Qadhi insists, which I may add, not one Quranic verse is given by him for his basis or evidence.

"You will find that the Sunna of Allah is the only Sunna" (33:62....35:43....48:23)

It is also very important to understand God system/methodology was the same before Prophet Muhammad’s time, it was the same in all the other prophets’ times before the Quran was revealed to him. God’s system/methodology) does not change.

The Quran also confirms that prophet Muhammad was commanded not to teach any other teachings; otherwise, he would incur severe punishment from God:

It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. Had he (Muhammad) falsely attributed any sayings to Us, We would have grabbed him by the right, and We would have severed his aorta. None of you would be able to prevent it. And indeed, it is a reminder for the reverent. 69:43-48

You now need to ask yourself what the revelation from the Lord is.

Following the prophet, is adhering to the message he delivered, which was the Quran, nothing else.

Evidence of this can be found in 5:92, 16:35, 16:82, 24:54, 29:18, 42:48 and 64:12.


Obeying the Prophet

Dr Qadhi talks about ‘Obeying the prophet’ and insinuates this means we need to follow other external man-made ‘hadiths’ or sources other than the Quran.

God commands the believers throughout the Quran to ‘obey God and obey the messenger’, but God also makes sure that the obedience to the messenger is linked to obeying the message he delivered and nothing else.

Obeying the messenger does not mean that the messenger issued additional teachings outside of the Quran.

The confirmation that the obedience of the messenger is linked to obeying the message he delivered (the Quran) is confirmed in the following verse:

"Obey God and obey the messenger. If you shall turn away, then the sole duty of the messenger is to deliver the message" 64:12

Note how the obedience to the messenger and the deliverance of the Quran are linked in the same verse which Dr Qadhi fails to share.

We never read anywhere in the Quran words like 'Obey God and obey Muhammad' or obey Jesus, or Moses.

I also need to emphasize that the words always say, "the messenger". This is to emphasise that what is to be obeyed is the message of the messenger and not his personal words.

Following the messenger is following the Quran he delivered. The way one follows the messenger in this day and age is to follow the message he delivered, the Quran.


God Does Not Run Out of Words

If God wanted to be more specific about how we must live our lives, He could have sent down volumes and volumes of revelations on how we should sleep, how we should cook, eat or drink, and which dress we should wear and so on.

He surely tells us that if the oceans were ink, and the trees were made into pens, He would not run out of words (31:27).

But it is God’s mercy that He wants us to follow only what He specified in His revelations, and use our common sense, knowledge, and wisdom for the rest of the details of life.

However, people insist on making their lives miserable as their so-called religious leaders and “learned” scholars shackle them with satanic teaching and innovations.


Hadith mentioned in the Quran

God condemns the Hadith by name in the Quran and informs us that it is a blasphemous fabrication (45:6-7). He says that the Quran is one consistent source since it is His Word. There is no contradiction in it. If it were from other than God, as Hadith books are, they would have found in its numerous contradictions (4:82)

Prophet Muhammad himself was made to swear that the only revelation he received from God was the Quran. This exposes all the allegations which claim that Muhammad received revelations from God independent of the Quran, and which is referred to as 'Hadith Al-Qudsy' (Sacred Hadith).

"Say (O Muhammad) what is of the greatest testimony? Say: God is the witness between me and you, and this Quran has been inspired to me, that I may warn you and whomever it reaches" 6:19

If the 'Hadith Al-Qudsy' was truly a revelation received by Muhammad from God (as is falsely claimed) we would expect the Quran, being fully detailed, to include such confirmation.

Nowhere in the Quran is there any indication that Muhammad received anything from God other than the Quran as Dr Qadhi claims.

Correct me if I am indeed wrong but Dr Qadhi seems to be pushing the use of this man-made literature and ignoring simple commands from the Quran. There is an example of such people mentioned by the messenger in 25:30.

The Quran also confirms that for every prophet there will be enemies of human and jinn devils who will fabricate fancy sayings (hadith) and attribute them to the prophet to deceive the people:

"We have permitted the enemies of every prophet, human and jinn devils, to inspire in each other fancy sayings, in order to deceive" 6:112, God also asserts that only the disbelievers will uphold such fabrications (see 6:113).


Sects in Islam

Dr Qadhi also suggests in the video that as a Sunni, it is a duty to follow or adhere to the sunna of the prophet.

Now the Quran is very clear in dividing yourselves into sects:

Those who divide themselves into sects do not belong with you. Their judgment rests with God, then He will inform them of everything they had done. (6:159)

Ironically, they broke up into sects only after the knowledge had come to them, due to jealousy and resentment among themselves. If it were not for a predetermined decision from your Lord to respite them for a definite interim, they would have been judged immediately. Indeed, the later generations who inherited the scripture are full of doubts. (42:14)



God stresses our prayers, devotion should be to God alone, and if we mentioned others besides God, we fall into idol worship, which is shirk, the unforgivable sin, whether we do it consciously or sub-consciously.

(Do not fall in idol worship,) like those who divide their religion into sects; each party rejoicing with what they have. (30:32)

The Quran also teaches us not to make a distinction between Gods messengers.

"We believe in Allah, and in what has been revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Isma'il, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and in (the Books) given to Moses, Jesus, and the prophets, from their Lord: We make no distinction between one and another among them, and to Allah do we bow our will (in Islam)." (3:84)

By placing the Prophets name in the Testimony of faith, as well as inserting his name in prayers, is not only making a distinction between Gods prophets, you are also practising shirk, idol-worshipping and following another God besides God. This is an unforgivable sin in Islam.


Quran is perfect, fully detailed and has explanations for everything

The Quran contains everything the genuine believer needs for the following reasons:

A- The Quran is complete and does not need an annex: • "The word of your Lord is complete in truth and justice" 6:115

B- The Quran is not in need of an explanatory supplement since it is clear and is not ambiguous:

• "A.L.R. These are the signs of the clear book" 12:1

• "We have made it (the Quran) easy to understand and in your own tongue (language) may you take heed." 44:58

C- The Quran is not in need of a correction manual since it is perfect and harbours no contradictions: • "A.L.R. This is a book whose verses have been perfected" 11:1

D- The Quran is not in need of a 'details' supplement since it is fully detailed: • "Shall I seek other than God as a source of law when He has revealed to you this book fully detailed?" 6:114



I do not claim to call myself a Sunni, Shia, Quranist, Ahmediya, God called us Muslims (22:78).

With this humble evaluation of the video, as well as the clear factual inaccuracies which I have highlighted in the start of my response, Dr Qadhi has unfortunately not made any reference to any Quranic verse or shown any Quranic evidence to make such claims such claims. The viewer needs to verify everything they see and hear themselves with the Quran (17:36)

It looks like Muslims have abandoned the Quran and have fallen into satans trap of following man-made narrations and hearsay.

And the Messenger has said, "O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur'an as [a thing] abandoned." (25:30)

May God guide us all.

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