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Surah 1 Overview

Updated: May 30

Al-Fatihah (The Opening)

The surah includes seven verses


Topics Covered

  • The main topics are: Supplication of God for guidance and God is enough for guidance in this world.


Summary of the Topics

  • God asks for supplication to Him for guidance.

  • This Surah describes the foundations and principles of the Quran in a condensed form.

  • Worshipping and asking God for help is described which encompasses all needs and requirements of human life.


I must ask you to verify everything with the Quran itself.


Peace and Respect!

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Within this chapter the verse here indicated “sirata Alladhina an’amta...” right there that word (an anta) in Arabic to lead an easy life, enjoy the comforts and conveniences of life, be joyful, to become soft/plentiful/good/flourishing, to knead cook well, beneficence favor to a person, blessing, gifted with speech, talent, reason. These are some of the things surah Fatiha can be recited for and ofcourse there is much more but this truly covers it all. Why though? Surah Fatiha is the first of words in the order it is in, the greatest of Sudan’s no comparison really but in keeping the thankfulness (gratitude) to Allah in mind, keeping our obedience that this is what our purpose for is here in this…


Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly
May 16, 2020

What other things should we recite fathiha before other than cooking, what about travelling?? Etc


Let’s elaborate a bit more Alhumdulilah Alhamd Al Hamid also an attribute or a name of Allah which means All praises to the Creator of the heavens and the earth within the very first word uttered! Next within the Arabic portion of these words you will find yourself to have the meaning of a word in Arabic to cook well! So for the women when Allah says he blesses try reciting surah Fatiha before you cook or as you cook for that extra flavor of blessings upon your cooking certified verified having had tried it. Allah’s blessings and bounties of utilizing his profound knowledge within the surah by pronounciating it come with profound physical and spiritual blessings! If you were…

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