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What guidance did the Prophet have?

I seek refuge from Satan, the rejected.

In the Name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!

Our Creator said the majority is misguided (, and are actually MUSHRIKS/POLYTHEISTS (, and commanded us to REASON ( and NOT follow blindly (

He ONLY preserved the QURAN (per &,, and told us to seek refuge when reading the QURAN (

He said we CAN’T have 2 sources (, and that those who study another book & choose from another book are CRIMINALS ( He said inheriting the religion instead of following what Allah revealed leads to HELL (

There is ZERO mention of ANY Prophet’s “Hadith” or “Sunnah” in the fully-detailed Quran.

Allah swt said His SUNNAH has NO change or alteration (, the Quran was IMPOSED on the Prophet (,, and the Messenger would’ve been GREATLY PUNISHED if he deviated even a BIT from REVELATION ( or had ANY SAYINGS about Allah (

Per, ALLAH taught the Quran.

Allah commanded (, we follow ONLY the Quran and NOTHING ELSE.

As clear by hovering over the Arabic, He EXPLICITLY said to remember Allah in the QURAN ALONE (, and that ANYONE who does not judge by what ALLAH revealed is a disbeliever, wrongdoer & rebel (

Per, Prophet Muhammad was commanded to be of the "MUSLIMS" (NOT "Sunnis", "Shias", "Malikis", "Sufis", or ANY other sect!) ALL sects are MUSHRIKS (per and NO SECT has ANYTHING to do with the Messenger (

In the GREATEST TESTIMONY (, Allah ordered the Messenger to say he warned with the QURAN those with him AND whomever IT reaches (i.e. us).

There’s NO mention of Hadith/Sunnah, and there is ZERO authorization in the Quran to write the Messenger’s personal words. says Allah is the ONLY judge/law-maker, and He revealed the BOOK explained in detail.

Allah said the ONLY duty upon the messenger is the CLEAR NOTIFICATION (, That doesn’t mean he said / she said! Allah ordered the Messenger to say HE HAS NO GUIDANCE FOR US (

There is only ONE MESSAGE: the Quran! That’s confirmed by He who obeys the Messenger has obeyed Allah. (Of course, Allah’s MESSENGER only had Allah’s MESSAGE: The Quran!)

Per, no one is more truthful than Allah. Per, Allah gave us the Truth, but most people HATE the Truth!

Per, Allah IS the TRUTH, and after the Truth there is ONLY MISGUIDANCE., Allah IS the TRUTH, and after the Truth there is ONLY MISGUIDANCE.

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