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So there’s a real problem with today’s sectarian Muslims such as Sunnis/Shias who have elevated the messengers status to being a partner to Allah swt. We Muslims are offended for anything to be associated with our Lord however it’s the reverse for the Sunnis . They get extremely offended that we remove Muhammad from being associated with Allah swt. Now proof is in their own words. The following are common shirk statements the Sunnis use advertising their shirk.


1. Quran and sunnah go hand in hand - please note there is no such thing as the sunnah of Muhammad. There is no alteration in Allahs sunnah 33:62, 17:77 which is what the prophet was told to follow.

2. Allah says He has the BEST HADITH 39:23 yet most Sunnis do not even know that Allah refers to the Quran as a hadith and questions people ‘in which HADITH AFTER Allah and this revelations do they believe in? 45:6. But these Sunnis reject these types of verses and turn to the invented baseless hadith instead 31:6. Please note hadith are the words of compilers/narrators not the prophets.

3. Allah swt says the Quran Al Hakim (the wise Quran) (remember that is so’s one of His names too Al Hakim/The Wise), yet the Sunnis say Muhammad’s Hadith holds the wisdom....

4. All HUKM- laws/commandments/judgment can come from Allah swt ONLY 18:26. But Sunnis say the prophet can make new laws

5. Allah swt only his verses can abrogate a previous verse or cause it to be forgotten 2:106 however hadith give that role to the prophet. Blatantly disregarding the fact that Hadith cannot abrogate an ayat. To reiterate only an ayat can abrogate an ayat.

5. Allah swt says He gives the BEST TAFSIR 25:33 yet the Sunnis say Muhammad gave the tafsir. (However not sure where ibn kathir came into the equation he wrote that down 500 plus years after the death of the prophet) ps. A favourite amongst the salafi/wahabbi .

6. Allah swt says He Himself gives the BEST EXPLANATION 12:111 and verses dotted throughout the Quran where He says He’s explaining/fasala 10:24, 7:174, 6:126, 6:98, 7:174, 13:2, 30:28 but they vehemently deny this arguing with us saying no the prophet explained. SIDELINING ALLAH AGAIN.

7. Allah swt says his Quran is CLEAR -

QURAN AL MUBEEN and that He makes it clear. Here’s some examples

6:105 And thus WE EXPLAIN THE AUATS that they (may) say, "You have studied," and that WE (may) MAKE IT CLEAR for a people who know.


16:89 And the Day We will resurrect among every nation a witness over them from themselves. And We (will) bring you (as) a witness over these. And We SENT DOWN TO YOU A BOOK AS A CLARIFICATION (tib'yānan) OF EVERYTHING and a guidance and mercy and glad tidings for those-who-submit/Muslims.

That’s a CLARIFICATION FOR EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM. yet they say Quran is not clear and we need the prophet to make clear via his Hadith. 16:44 tells us different as prophet was told to use the clear proofs Quran, the zabur and the dhikr/remembrance to make it clear (a Sunni favourite verse to twist).

Brothers and sisters I could go on. We earnestly request you put your shaikhs/mullahs/imams/forefathers words to the side to study the Quran by yourself without tafsir/Hadith). It is Allah seat who teaches, guides, gives wisdom, makes clear, explains not the rasool himself. When he was alive he would have used every Ayat given to explain a subject if questions were asked. Ie salat, it’s a commandment so he would have gone into purpose of salat verses, pre-ritual salat requirements - wash, direction, the position verses commanding to stand bow and prostrate, names of the Salat and their timings verses or even if they asked him about intoxicants and he didn’t know the answer yet he had to wait for revelation to come down to inform him what should be said. One such example of this is the following;

2:219 THEY ASK YOU about intoxicants and gambling. SAY, "There is great sin in them, and also some benefit for humankind. The sin is greater than the benefit." They ask you what they should contribute. Say, "Whatever you can possibly give." Thus ALLAH MAKES VERSES CLEAR to you so that you might reflect.

The messenger is only told to deliver the message 5:99 so think before you start rejecting ayats because men taught you differently. At least pick up your Quran to verify what is being said. Surely Allah swt warrants your attention and devotion and not men. His good example btw are not a licence to make him your lord.


Peace and Respect !

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